Paint stripping

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Solutions-Graffiti cleans more than a hundred walls per week, whether for facade stripping, specialized cleaning or graffiti removal, our mission is to maintain, clean and protect the various infrastructures of Quebec, according to the highest standards in the industry. The secret to our success is that we focus on continuous improvement and stay abreast of new techniques and technologies.

The vast majority of cases where we are called upon to strip a wall is because the paint applied several years before is starting to crumble or the owner wants to get back to its original masonry. At another time, it was fashionable to paint facades and foundations. Masonry has to breathe to wick moisture away and unfortunately the paint layer acts as a barrier to breathing. This unfortunately leads to the crumbling of the beautiful smooth finish of your paint and in the medium to long term serious problems with the structure.

In order to maximize results, we require work to be done at a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius.


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