Deicing service


Deicing of formwork and concrete slabs

With nearly 20 years of experience in pressure cleaning, Solutions-Graffiti offers its formwork and concrete slab de-icing services on various construction sites.

Our priority is to help contractors avoid delays by giving them the opportunity to continue work, regardless of the weather. We can deice various structures such as:


  • Foundation deicing
  • Deicing of concrete slabs
  • Deicing of various shapes and formwork


With our state-of-the-art machines, we offer a fast and efficient way to thaw different formwork structures. Solutions-Graffiti offers you a solution of choice for all your deicing work.


Roof and building icebreaking

Accumulation of snow can create ice dams in various places on flat roofs as well as at the ends of sloping roofs. Too high a load on a roof can cause serious damages. Solutions-Graffiti offers a deicing service to melt ice safely and efficiently. Our services avoid the risk of falling snow or ice near the roof.

A roof must be cleared of snow and ice so that it drains properly. Our goal is to prevent any future problems.

  • Deicing of residential, commercial and industrial flat roofs
  • Deicing of pipes
  • Deicing of specialized equipment