Intervention within 24 hours after receiving the call!

Solutions-Graffiti - Parcs Canada

Intervention within 24 hours after receiving the call!

High-pressure cleaning

Fast and efficient, pressure washing can renew the look of virtually any surface, including brick, concrete, asphalt, wood, plastic, stucco and metal.

Solutions-Graffiti - L'Oratoire St-Joseph

Graffiti removal service

Graffiti-Solutions uses biodegradable cleaning products and adjusted pressure washing techniques to eliminate all traces of graffiti without damaging your building.

Parking lines and line marking

Fast work but above all sustainable!

Parking Lots cleaning

Ensure the cleanliness of your building entrance and your parking areas!

RBQ license

Any company who does on your building should have a valid RBQ License, including high-pressure graffiti removal. Here is our RBQ license number: 5590-2712-01

Liability Insurance

Pressure washing and graffiti removal is serious business. We don’t take risks with your buildings and infrastructure, nor should you. Choose a responsible supplier.

Years of experience

Since 2003, we have been working with clients who trust us to help protect the appearance and reputation of their buildings; to clean without leaving traces.

Environmentally Friendly

100% of our cleaning products are biodegradable. Get exceptional results without damaging your building OR the environment.