Acid etching and scratches on windows

Acid burns are a big problem for us because they are difficult to remove. We have to polish the glass with specialized equipment so as not to damage it. It is a craft work, which is done in several stages, there are very few people with the necessary qualifications to carry out this type of intervention. Scratches can be treated equally depending on the depth of these. It’s a case by case assessment. Some graffiti artists use acid-based products that they apply mainly to windows. These products are intended to frost the glass when the graffiti (color) is removed. In order to extend the life and restore the glass, it must therefore be polished in addition to removing the paint.

This solution will save you a lot compared to the cost of replacing your glass. Solutions-Graffiti can even install an anti-graffiti film as a prevention or to avoid this type of problem repeatedly.

Since 2003, Solutions-Graffiti has been helping cities, boroughs, managers, businesses and owners to face the scourge of graffiti and keep their buildings clean in a multitude of ways. Don't let anyone wash your graffiti, many products on the market contain acid and can damage your coatings. At Solutions-Graffiti, we only use certified ecological products.

Contact us today to determine the best sealer to apply to your coating, we offer several solutions. Work with professionals, qualified and certified. With more than 15 years of experience, fearlessly you are in good hands.