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Graffiti removal, graffiti cleaning and pressure washing.

Graffiti removal and cleaning


Graffiti-Solutions eliminates all traces of graffiti using environmentally-friendly and biodegradable products - on all types of surfaces and finishes.

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Pressure washing services


Brick, cement, asphalt, wood, metal; for every surface there is a specific cleaning technique. Trust our qualified technicians.


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Chewing Gum Removal


There is nothing worse than hundreds of spit-out chewing gums in front of your business. Now you can get rid of these completely!


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Before / After Pictures

Before-and-After picture of Graffiti cleaning services in Montreal

Are you worried about the results you can expect, as well as protecting your property? We understand your concern. Combined with with biodegradable graffiti cleaning products, Graffiti Solutions' techniques will remove graffiti while preserving the original finish of the surface being treated!

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Montreal Graffiti News

The St. Joseph's Oratory: cleaning graffiti on heritage and historic buildings

Because of its multiple access points, the "campus" is often prey to graffiti. Because of its age, optimal results (and a damage-less intervention) are only possible with the use of specialized pressure-washing techniques.

Pointe-Claire’s Historic Church Vandalized by Graffiti

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