Cleaning Chewing Gum Stains


Professional pressure cleaning services, which will make chewing gum and its oily residue disappear from your storefront or sidewalk!

Chewing gum removal and cleaning

Trottoir ou rue couverte de gommes a mâcher - services de nettoyage de gommes à mâcher à MontréalWhat a pain it is to remove the stubborn spit-out gum polluting your business' façade. Worse yet; once you actually get it off, you are left with an oily stain...

Your clients, members and/or employees expect your establishment, the place where they live, work and play to be clean and properly maintained. Then, despite your best efforts, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of gums and gum stains right in front of the door!!

Good news: There are cleaning products and techniques adapted to the most vulnerable surfaces, for both freshly spit gum to the gums that have been in front of your door for a few summers already.


Gommes à mâcher sur le trottoir - Photo : Richard Blouin 2009 ( choosing products that are SPECIFICALLY designed for each surface and environment, Solutions Graffiti will give your storefront the clean and renewed look your clients expect! All products used are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable


Make those stubborn gum stains disappear; contact Solutions-Graffiti today!

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