Solutions-Graffiti provides the professional cleaning services which 
will help you to eliminate graffiti from all types of surfaces.

Cleaning solutions for all types of Graffiti

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing - Solutions-Graffiti is specialized in pressure washing and cleaning services in MontrealNo longer reserved exclusively for graffiti, pressure washing is often the most efficient, most effective and quickest way to deep-clean a surface or area. Whether you need to pressure wash a truck, a warehouse or even a 1,000,000 sq./ft. commercial parking lot, Solutions Graffiti can help.

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Graffiti Removal and Cleaning


Graffiti cleaning and removal in MontrealGraffiti must be removed from your building as fast as possible, otherwise your walls will quickly become inciting for taggers and additional graffiti. In some boroughs and municipalities, removal is even a legal obligation! Solutions-Graffiti will intervene to eliminate any traces of graffiti while using environmentally-friendly products. Remove that awful graffiti now! >



Removing Chewing Gum and Gum Stains


Cleaning, removal and elimination of chewing gum and chewing gum stains for Montreal sidewalks and businessesWhat a pain it is to remove the stubborn spit-out gum polluting your business' façade. Worse yet; once you actually get it off, you are left with an oily stain. There are cleaning products and techniques adapted to the most vulnerable surfaces, for both freshly spit gum to the gums that have been in front of your door for a few summers already...           More >

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Montreal Graffiti News

The St. Joseph's Oratory: cleaning graffiti on heritage and historic buildings

Because of its multiple access points, the "campus" is often prey to graffiti. Because of its age, optimal results (and a damage-less intervention) are only possible with the use of specialized pressure-washing techniques.

Pointe-Claire’s Historic Church Vandalized by Graffiti

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